September 29, 2015

Warped Tour season might be over in the United States, but it still hasn’t hit the UK. We’ve made a list of who you should watch and will be sharing new artists every week.  If you haven’t already, pick up some tickets and make a playlist so you’re ready to go and jam out.


Kenneths are easily one of the best bands on this year’s US and UK lineup. You’re going to have a blast jamming out to them with their punk rock vibes and cool hair. One of the most impressive aspects of them is the fact that they haven’t even been a band for a year! Regardless, they’ve managed to land a spot on Warped and are in the hands of Mumford and Sons bassist, Ted Dwane, their co-manager.

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Man Overboard are no strangers to the Warped Tour scene. Still, they’re a blast to watch specially with their latest album out, Heavy Love. They also released an EP, Passing Ends, at the end of October in 2014. Make sure you make your way to their set so you can crowd surf, meet new people, and jam out to a mix of new and old songs.

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If you’re looking for a band that knows how to put on a show, August Burns Red is a must see. Oh, and the music rules too. They signed to Fearless Records last year released their seventh album collectively, first on the label, Found in Far Away Places, at the end of June this year. We can’t wait to see some of their new music live. Did we mention how great they are live?

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