March 11, 2017

I last saw the guys in Waterparks in April of 2016, and, since then, they’ve had quite the eventful year. On top of completing a full run on 2016’s Warped Tour and releasing Double Dare via Equal Vision, the band has been touring almost nonstop, and their latest tour is proof that hard work pays off. Their first headliner, which they co-headlined with Too Close To Touch, managed to sell out more than half of the dates, and this feat even led to a venue upgrade for the New York City show.

Generally, when I think ‘Waterparks,’ I think fun, and this show was no exception. Within the hour, Awsten Knight, Geoff Wigington, and Otto Wood proved why they deserve to be playing bigger rooms. Impressively, the three-piece had everyone singing and dancing thirty seconds into “Made In America,” and that energy didn’t die down for the rest of the night. I genuinely don’t remember the last time I saw a crowd going this crazy for a band, and, by the end of the show, even the dads in attendance were enjoying themselves.

If you’re looking to go to a show where you can just rock out and have a good time, Waterparks is the band for you. Catch them in the next few months supporting Good Charlotte in Canada and All Time Low in the US, and make sure to come early enough to see these guys. I guarantee you won’t regret it.



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