June 29, 2017

Ah, Warped Tour. Our favourite time of the year, despite the fact that it’s always too hot, and you end up drenched in too many strangers’ sweat. This year, the lineup is eclectic as ever, and you might need some help deciding who to check out. Here are ten bands you absolutely need to see, daily schedule permitting.

TOO CLOSE TO TOUCH may still be classified as “up-and-comers,” but they have certainly skyrocketed into the limelight with their latest record, Haven’t Been Myself. With one of the best releases of 2016, this alternative rock band mixes poppier melodies with rough, growly vocals and heart-wrenching lyrics to create some incredibly unique songs. Their music toes the line between hard rock and very theatrical, and they aren’t afraid to be brutally honest with the messages within. Not only are they a joy to watch and listen to, but you get the feeling that everything they do is incredibly purposeful in its creation. With an unbelievable aesthetic, raw passion, and a sound unlike any other, I cannot recommend Too Close To Touch enough.

After releasing their first full-length, Synesthesia, earlier this year, COURAGE MY LOVE have been touring the States, Canada, and Europe almost nonstop for the past few months. Luckily for us, they’re not done yet, as the trio is finally doing a long-awaited full run on Warped Tour. With catchy tunes such as “Need Someone” and “Two-Headed Monster” and an energetic, very crowd-involved stage presence, Courage My Love is bound to be one of the most fun sets of the day. Do yourself a favour and check them out, and you’ll find yourself constantly wanting more after you walk away from their set with a huge smile on your face.

While George WATSKY’s crowd is different from your average Warped Tour mosh pit, he brings a whole new energy with his music. Known for his abilities to rap eloquently at blazing speeds, it’ll be hard to find yourself standing still during his set. His songs are balanced between having fun and providing fans with heartfelt and thought-provoking messages. Backing Watsky is a talented band that brings his music to life, along with a back up singer who definitely adds some flare to his songs. Watsky is a must-see for those who want to try out a new genre while still having fun.

If you missed BAD SEED RISING’s set on Warped Tour last year, you were probably regretting it and kicking yourself after. Luckily for you, they’re back at it again this year, and they’re killing it even harder than before. The Maryland group got on people’s radars in 2016, and I’m sure many spent the remainder of the summer jamming out to every song the band had available. Perhaps one of the most underrated groups in the scene at the moment, Bad Seed Rising is bound to explode, and you surely want to be on the side of those who knew about them before they start selling out shows worldwide. Unfortunately, they are only playing ‘til July 4th , so, if you have the chance to see them, go. So many people will be wishing they were you.

The first time I saw SILENT PLANET live was a few years ago as an opening band, and, even then, I was completely blown away by these guys. The emotion that is conveyed through every single song is unreal. Although they are still moderately new to the game, with only two albums available, they have carved themselves a permanent place in the metalcore scene. Both on and off the stage, Silent Planet is one of the most humble and heartfelt groups of people I’ve ever seen. They are so gracious and thankful to every fan, and, while on stage, you can truly see how they pour their entire souls into their performances. They both speak and play from the heart, and they are full of such passion. Even if you don’t like metalcore, go see this band. Every live performance is so off the chart – Silent Planet is a band you need to catch at least once.

THE WHITE NOISE have this funny way of coming into your life one day and feeling like they were always supposed to be there. With their first run on Warped Tour lining up perfectly with the June 23rd release of their debut album, AM/PM, the band will have an array of never-before-seen material to play. If the singles are any indication for what’s to come, then this is a band that needs to be on your radar. Reminiscent of old school punk with their rough and unapologetic attitude for anything from their music to their off stage antics, The White Noise is a must-see for anyone who wants to have a good time and probably come away with a good story or two.

BOSTON MANOR have played in the States before, and all of their shows seemed to sell out too quickly. Being from England, they don’t get to tour here as often as fans would like, so getting to see them during their Warped Tour debut is a real treat. The U.K scene is in the process of producing the next greatest wave of music, and, as if to prove a point, Boston Manor absolutely nails their live performances each and every time. Don’t believe us? Just go check ‘em out and see for yourselves.

One of the bands commanding this year’s main stage at Warped Tour is OUR LAST NIGHT. Although they gained popularity for their covers on Youtube, throughout the Warped scene they are most known for their creative and catchy songs. It’s always a blast seeing them as they put forth so much energy into their performances, no matter the size of the stage. Their set is sure to be filled with headbanging, moshing, and crowd interactions, as lead singer Trevor Wentworth isn’t afraid to get up close and personal during performances. If you’re looking for a band to let loose with and have a full Warped Tour pit experience, Our Last Night will be a perfect fit.

Like Boston Manor, CREEPER is one of many UK bands that are currently underrated in the US, despite an appearance at last year’s APMAs and a recent tour with Waterparks and Too Close To Touch. They just released their debut album, Eternity, In Your Arms, which received widespread acclaim both from critics and from fans. With this new material in tow, Will Gould’s vocals are bound to captivate you, even if you’re just idly walking past their set. Don’t sleep on this band, or else you might leave Warped Tour with some regrets.

When I first saw MOVEMENTS a year and a half ago, I had no clue who the new Fearless signees were, but I was completely drawn in by their sound as soon as they started playing. Full of captivating lyrics and raw vocals, which are sometimes swapped out for spoken word, they are unlike any band I had ever encountered before. Giving fans an insight into every heartbreak and misstep, they never shy away from giving fans words of advice and a shoulder to lean on, and they succeed at turning sadness or anger into something proactive. Though not many people knew who they were when I got the chance to see them, I doubt many people forgot who they were afterwards. I say this wholeheartedly: check out Movements at Warped Tour. Just do it.

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