October 23, 2015




The Blast of Our Kind Tour hit Chicago on October 20th. The Darkness, along with These Raven Skies, put on an astonishing show. Those who weren’t able to make the show or the tour in general were able to stream it thanks to Yahoo! and Livenation.

These Raven Skies kicked off the night. Although made up of only two members, they successfully got people dancing and energetic while they waited for The Darkness to begin.  After a 35 minutes people began getting impatient, some even hoping the current song was their last. Despite this, plenty of people were enjoying their set and even exchanging some words the the band.

When their set ended, we waited for roughly 45min-1hr for The Darkness to come out. During that time, many fans were getting their drinks, and some were reminiscing the first time they saw the band and memories they had of them.

Finally they hit the stage opening with none other than “Barbarian.” It’s no secret that Justin Hawkins has an incredible stage presence, and this was reiterated throughout the night. He visited every side of the venue and interacted with fans without hitting a wrong note. Despite the show being 17+ and in the middle of the week, people were eager to not only reach the barricade but also to have as much fun during the show; whether it was by dancing or shouting the lyrics back.

Needless to say, The Darkness is timeless. Whether you were at home streaming the show, in a balcony, by the bar, or in the pit, you were bound to have a blast at this show.

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