January 25, 2016

“We may look like an overnight success, but it has honestly been a challenge the whole way. Nothing has just fallen in our laps,” Amy shares.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Australian music sensation, Sheppard, have burst onto the scene with their hit single “Geronimo.” After paving their way through Australia, they are well on their way to conquering the American industry. To some, it may seem as though the band caught a big break with their overseas success coming seemingly quickly and easily. However, brother and sister George and Amy Sheppard have been collectively working hard as a band since 2009.

Sheppard was a duo until 2011, when their sister Emma joined them on bass. During that same year, Michael Butler and Jason Bovino joined the team as guitarists. Eventually, drummer Dean Gordon rounded out their current lineup, and everything finally fell into place.

If you asked ten-year-old Amy what she wanted to be when she grew up, she would have said a musician. “Having a career in music has been something I’ve dreamed of for a long time. I think the realization came when my music teacher, Baruka Tau, told me stories of his touring days with the likes of Madonna and Janet Jackson. It lit a spark in me,” she explains. From then on, it’s been full steam ahead in order to make her dreams become a reality. “I think we knew we had something special when the three songwriters—George, Jason, and myself—came together, and we wrote and recorded our first song,” she reminisces.

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PHOTO: PENELOPE MARTINEZ // @penelopemrtnz
WORDS: LEAH DICKERMAN // @thepictureofleah

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