February 20, 2015

pvrisSince then, PVRIS has been busy working non-stop where new music and touring the country are concerned. Still, it hasn’t all been fun and games; every opportunity comes with a downside. “You name it, it’s been sacrificed,” says Alex. Although waking up in a new city every day and being out with some of your best friends seems like the dream, they admit that it can get tough at times. Luckily, all three have people waiting for them back home and supporting them every step of the way. “I don’t really see it as a sacrifice because everyone back home is so supportive of us and they’re happy. That’s a gift. We look forward to being home, but this is what we want to do for the rest of our lives—even if it means sleeping in a van when it’s cold or getting into bickers,” shares Brian. Lynn builds on that, adding, “Some people make the sacrifice of staying home and doing a nine to five job, but we’re doing the opposite.”

Thankfully, all their hard work and sacrifices have paid off. After two EPs, they were signed to Rise Records, a label that has supported them for a long time. “[Signing with Rise] was a great idea. Everyone that works there is so welcoming and they were on board with what we wanted to do,” Brian tells us. He also lets us know that doing the album with them wasn’t difficult at all.

When coming up with song ideas for White Noise, the band preferred to have some time to concentrate rather than writing in the back of a moving van. “I want to write on the road so bad. I’ll write ideas and then look back, and I won’t remember what they were about,” confesses Alex. Lynn, however, does a lot of the writing in the van, especially on long drives. “It’s definitely more convenient to write at home. You are more inspired on the road, but it’s a lot harder,” she explains.

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PHOTO: LORI GUTMAN // @lorigutmanphotos

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