March 15, 2017

Polyphia kicked off 2017 with their first ever headlining tour, accompanied by Covet and Jason Richardson. Prior to the show, I had been familiar with Polyphia’s music, but this was my first time actually getting to see them live. After the fact, I completely understand what all the hype is about. From their light show and their guitar solos to their interactions with the crowd, everything came together flawlessly as the four-piece put on an exciting show to a sold-out Chicago crowd.

There’s something about instrumental music that gives off an intimate yet ecstatic vibe, and, somehow, this progressive metal band succeeded in emanating that feeling while also bringing everyone in the room together. I didn’t realize just how much love and support Chicago had for Polyphia until this night. The crowd, comprised of a variety of different age groups, was very responsive to the band, and two people even took the time to create James Franco face masks to go along with the track ‘James Franco’. Because of all this, it didn’t entirely feel like I was there just to attend a musical performance. Instead, it felt more so as though I was hanging out in a room with my closest friends.

With this year still in the beginning stages, I’m looking forward to doing what Polyphia has in store for us throughout the rest of 2017. The ‘Lit AF’ tour has a few dates left, and shows are still selling out, so don’t sleep on this band if they’re coming to your city!



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