September 18, 2017

Earlier this summer, Manchester Orchestra announced the July release for their highly-anticipated fifth full-length album, A Black Mile To The Surface. At the same time, they announced an album release tour with support from Foxing and Tigers Jaw, making this a super diverse tour that you don’t want to miss.

At the second stop of the tour in Tampa, FL, the night began with Foxing, and if you’ve never seen Foxing before, they are an incredible alternative/indie band with some of the most emotionally staggering yet beautiful lyrics. They played a few of their best and most well-known songs, including “The Medic” and “The Magdalene,” which I think was probably my favorite song of the night; the energy that exuded from the crowd the second their vocalist, Conor, pulled out his trumpet was absolutely incredible.

Shortly after, Pennsylvania duo, Tigers Jaw, came up on stage and kicked off their set with some new songs from their most recent album, Spin. They also played a collection of older songs including “Chemicals,” and the very well-known “Plane vs Tank vs Submarine,” and the crowd sung along so loud and passionately that you could barely hear the actual vocals. I wish their set was a little longer mostly because there are so many songs of theirs that I had been waiting to hear, but there was still Manchester Orchestra to look forward to!

Manchester Orchestra’s lighting was absolutely incredible and dynamic. It went in perfect unison with every beat and every measure of their music. Their set started with “The Maze,” while the room remained pitch black minus the album artwork displayed in the back. Every so often, a colored light would kick in for a split second, and, once the chorus began, an array of blue and orange lights crowded the venue. This was my first time seeing Manchester Orchestra, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect set-wise. Even though it was an album release tour, it made me so ecstatic that they had such a varied set list, featuring at least one or two songs from every album they’ve put out. Best song of the night? Their encore for sure, during which they played “I Can Feel A Hot One” – the tears and emotion were definitely real with this one. I was surrounded by hundreds of people belting out the lyrics at the top of their lungs while tears streamed down their faces.

Manchester Orchestra is one of those bands that I feel are easily enjoyable and have a song for almost anyone. This new album proved to be a very mature and risk-taking shift in comparison to their older music, and I was so happy to witness them play so many songs off the new record.  Seeing Foxing and Tigers Jaw as the opening acts was also quite the treat! Be sure to make it out to one of the rest of the tour dates near you – this is a show you’ll be hearing about for months to come!







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