September 10, 2016

How did Southpier form?

A couple of years ago, a group of us who had been in smaller bands decided to get together to form a pop punk band. We all loved the genre and the energy behind it, and we wrote “Wake Up Call.” This past summer, a couple of original members left. When we (Erik, Levi, and Davis) started looking around for new members, we found Blake and Jerry—two incredibly talented and passionate musicians who have not only fit in with us, but have also been instrumental (no pun intended) in taking our sound and live performances to all new levels.

What kind of emotion or atmosphere do you try to create with your music?

Emotionally, much of our older material is lyrically centered on the struggles of someone finishing high school, moving on to college, going through breakups, and losing friends… Events that most people go through. It has been super cool for us to hear people finding our lyrics as relatable as they do. Newer lyrical themes start to take those negativities and find ways to turn them into hope or belief in oneself, which has been a huge part of our lives as we continue to grow up.

Your last release was a split with the band Rocket Ship. What was the writing and recording process like?

The split with Rocket Ship was an awesome time for all of us, so, before we get into the writing and recording process, we all want to say that those guys are the best. For us, it was a whole new experience of iteration through the songs as a group—making them more polished and mature. The release features a whole new range of guitar tones and a much more mature vocal delivery from Erik. It was also fun to send our work back and forth with the guys in RS and hear their feedback. It gave us a whole new outlook on production and how other bands function, which was super important.

What should people expect from your live shows?

Our music, like a lot of pop punk, is centered on the live performance. The most important thing about every song we’ve written has been the ability to connect us with a crowd, whether it’s through jumping around together or screaming in each others’ faces. That interaction has always been super important to us. Basically, if you come to a Southpier show, expect to get sweaty pretty quickly!

What are some of your goals as a band?

Some of our biggest goals include traveling to new places and releasing new music together. We played the Ernie Ball Stage of the Mansfield Warped Tour last summer, and we would love to do something similar again. It would be super cool to continue meeting new people, playing with new bands, and showing more people the music that we love creating!

Anything else you would like share?

We can’t give away too much just yet, but you can surely expect another EP from us within the not-too-distant future!

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