January 21, 2017

“No amount of success has ever satiated my desire to keep writing, recording, and putting something out there,” exclaims vocalist and bassist Jutty Taylor.

For him and his bandmates–Ryan Malina (producer, guitar, keys, backing vocals) and Julien Bellin (drums, percussion)–pursuing music via Greyface has nothing to do with money. Throughout their time in Los Angeles, the guys have cultivated a passion for creating music for themselves and sharing it with others, all without focusing on the monetary value of their work. “It shouldn’t matter if one hundred million people care about it or if ten people care about it,” Jutty passionately continues.

Over the years, Ryan, Julien, and Jutty have all dabbled in various genres and worked within other groups, but, evidently, the guys always manage to reunite with one another. Jutty describes his connection with Ryan as almost a “psychic communication” that they’ve had since they were kids, and this familiarity has definitely had an impact on how the band operates. He expands on this, adding that Greyface “feels a bit more relaxed and, in that way, all the songs for the album came out pretty quickly.”

Thankfully, this connection between the musicians has allowed them to achieve their goals and make music they can be proud of. “We made a goal of putting out the record, and, if that’s as far as it goes, that was the only goal we set. We didn’t set a goal of changing the world, per se, but if someone else enjoys it besides us then that’s just the icing on the cake,” he details.

Evidently, Greyface keeps their goals attainable. “We wanted to finish the record, agree on artwork, and find the scratch to get the CDs printed. We’re three-for-three as far as that goes. Anything else is a bonus,” he adds.

While discussing the writing process of Greyola, Jutty explains that the hard-hitting lyrics are chalked up to “dumping [his] brain out” onto the paper. Greyola touches on concepts along the lines of “accepting that love is a part of loss, which is a part of life,” he describes. “It’s not going to win most upbeat record of the year or anything,” he laughs.

Although all of the lyrics and themes of Greyola seem very serious, the record’s name, on the contrary, is actually somewhat of an “inside joke.” Its namesake is actually a cross between Greyface and payola, which is the act of record companies making bribes for the broadcast of recordings on commercial radio. Jutty divulges that it’s “a joke on all the big bucks that are behind [the music industry].”

Once the writing and recording processes for Greyola were over, Ryan put his skills towards producing the album, and this allowed Greyface to get their music out for much cheaper than most bands are able to do. “I feel like we’ve been pretty lucky in that we’re able to do all the recordings for next to nothing,” Jutty acknowledges.

Although they wouldn’t mind having more funds, it has never been the driving factor for the band. “Some money would be nice,” Jutty jokes. “Still, I feel like we’ve been pretty resourceful despite a seeming lack of resources,” he finishes.

While this might be a deal breaker for some, this trio won’t let a lack of money stop them or bring them down. Even though Jutty admits that Greyface has been very lucky to not have many other challenges to overcome, he believes that their passion for music can withstand any obstacles thrown their way. After the release of Greyola in February, the guys will continue to make do with what they have with no complaints, and, hopefully, we’ll be hearing their name more frequently in the not-so-distant future.



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