May 25, 2016

Like Pacific—consisting of vocalist Jordan Black, bassist Chris Thaung, drummer Dillon Forret, guitarist Greg Hall, and guitarist Luke Holmes—hails from the booming music scene in Toronto, Ontario. In an area where new talent is constantly on the up and up, Like Pacific’s aggressive, angst-ridden vocals, intense-yet-melodic guitar and bass, and hyperactive drumming all come together to help the five-piece stand out and expand beyond their hometown.

“Stay Pissed” is a signature stamped on the band’s persona. It’s a motto that fits both Like Pacific’s experiences and sound. Chris explains, “It stemmed from an old friend of ours who was describing the vibe he first got after hearing our Homebound EP. ‘You’re not the happy-go-lucky, pop-punk band you used to be. There’s more anger and grit now. Stay pissed.’”

LP-3088Perhaps the “happy-go-lucky” mentality left the equation due to the circumstances faced by a touring band. Mental, physical, financial, and emotional stress, a revolving door of member changes, touring with clashing personalities, and mountains of paperwork to obtain a work permit in the U.S. are just some of the things that might make a band pissed—and that doesn’t even cover their personal lives. In 2013, after grinding away for four years, Like Pacific almost disbanded. Chris reflects on the situation, admitting, “I felt [completely drained]. I was bitter and burnt out, and we had lost two guitar players. I think it was just getting to me. The idea of rebuilding Like Pacific for the third time was so unappealing. We were so close to calling it a day that we were planning our farewell show within days of deciding of breaking up… Just to get it over with. But if you’re passionate enough about music, you’ll find your way back. Music never really leaves you. That’s exactly what happened with us, and here we are today.

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PHOTO: LORI GUTMAN // @lorigutmanphotos
WORDS: EDDIE CHISHAM // @eddiechisham

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