February 27, 2016
It’s not often that an opening band has a room full of fans waiting to see them because, usually, a majority of the fans are there for the headlining artist. However, LANY isn’t your average band. Coming from L.A, the trio took over Chicago for two nights.
Upon arriving to the venue on the first night, I noticed fans in line holding signs that said, “ILYSB TROYE.” That single statement spoke volumes of the love the fans had for both artists performing. Once the lights dimmed and the band came out, fans immediately screamed at Paul Klein, Les Priest and Jake Goss and complimented their looks as well as their fashion style. Along with the occasional “I love you Pau,!” many fans continued to speak amongst themselves in between songs, consistently talking about how good the trio was live and how excited they were to see them. Perhaps the most exciting thing for them, however, was the moment Paul went into the crowd.
Everyone pushed and shoved their way to the front just to hold his hand sing along. Paul even took a fan’s phone and recorded himself and Jake performing. It’s safe to say that this fan had an extra special memory to take home from this concert. Later during the show, Paul slowed the music down with “Someone Else” and took time to not only thank the crowd but to introduce the rest of the band to those who might not be familiar with them.
One of the greatest parts of their set was how intimate it felt, despite the fact that the show was sold out and the venue was packed. Jake and Les were as close to the fans as Paul was, which is always a nice thing to see since band members are usually spread out throughout the stage. Drummers are usually stuck behind the kit in the back of the stage, but not with LANY. The members made everyone feel safe, and they made sure the crowd was having a blast even if they didn’t know any of their songs.
It’s extremely exciting to see the level of success LANY has reached, but their momentum is still going strong. If this tour is coming through your city and it isn’t sold out yet, I strongly suggest and urge that you purchase tickets and attend. For more information, head over to LANY’s website or Facebook page. 




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