January 1, 2019

Good bye, Warped Tour. We know this isn’t goodbye forever, but we also know that things won’t be the same. You weren’t always perfect, in fact, you rarely were. We know, we know… you’re probably the first to admit your own flaws. Despite the scandals and the drama, we still love and appreciate you.

Thank you for the memories, the friendships, the disgusting porta-potties by the time the headliners take the main stage. Thank you for making it possible to catch twenty bands in the course of one day. Thank you for giving us countless opportunities to see our favorite musicians, introducing us to new bands, and giving even the smallest of artists a stage for the day.

Thank you for the signings and the meet and greets. Thank you for the dents in our wallets that we really don’t regret because we frickin’ love merch. Thank you for supporting amazing non-profits like Living The Dream Foundation and Keep A Breast, and for promoting canned food donations in exchange for early entry.

Thank you for giving the punks, the weirdos, the misfits, and the outcasts a place to call our own, and for showing us that we’re not as alone as we might feel sometimes. Thank you for helping to fight the stigma surrounding mental health by giving various artists, as well as organizations like Hope For The Day, a stage and a mic.

Thank you for the bruises, the scraped knees, the crushed ribs. Thank you for many front-row barricade spots, and endless opportunities for crowd surfing despite the signs that tell us not to.

Our summers won’t be the same without traveling to four different states in the span of four days just to stand in the hot sun all day; without the daily blown up schedules that often posed time conflicts and caused internal struggles; without the threat of dehydration and sun poisoning. Although none of those things sound particularly fun on their own, we’ll always look back at our Warped Tour days fondly.

Crossfaith, 2015
Every Time I Die, 2016
Sharptooth, 2018
Emarosa, 2016
In Hearts Wake, 2018
Don Broco, 2018


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