April 10, 2018

With 27 out of 29 sold out tour dates for their first headlining tour, it’s fairly easy to assume that Movements is quickly becoming one of the bigger acts in their genre. Sharing the stage along with Cant Swim as direct support, as well as Super Whatevr and Gleemer, the Tampa, FL, date was by far a show worth remembering.

Cant Swim released their debut album, Fail You Again, just last year, around the same time they toured with Set Your Goals and added Andrea to the band. Though most of the crowd was at that show for SYG, a few people knew Can’t Swim’s lyrics and jammed to the set. This time around, the entire sold-out room was going absolutely nuts for Can’t Swim.

They opened the night with “Stranger,” and I had to start dodging crowd surfers as soon as the chorus kicked in.  Throughout the night, Cant Swim played tons of songs from both their debut album as well their Pure Noise debut EP, Death Deserves a Name. They ended their set with “Your Clothes,” one of my personal favorites, which was followed by a crowd pleading and begging for an encore. The contrast between this performance and their performance last year was definitely mind-blowing, and it’s been really cool to see Can’t Swim grow to become the band that they are today.

The first time I saw Movements was on my 21st birthday and at the beginning of the night they were just the opening band for the band I came to see. By the end of that night, they were in contention for my new favorite band. With that being said, I was more than stoked to see them headline a show in Florida for the first time.  They played almost every song from their debut full-length, Feel Something, as well as from their Outgrown Things EP. Not only did they sound amazing, but they looked great as well. The Movements team definitely put a lot of thought into their image, with a “Feel Something” banner behind the drums that flashed throughout their set, and even this minute detail made their performance just that much more special for myself and other fans.




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