September 25, 2017

Getting a foot in the music industry can be something many musicians spend years of their careers doing, all the while putting out music, playing shows, and trying to cultivate a following. For Can’t Swim, however, that journey wasn’t a lengthy one, as their seemingly natural transition into music was actually quite unorthodox. With no records, no EPs, no singles, and no tours, the band was signed to Pure Noise Records just a few months after their formation. Although this may seem intimidating, vocalist Chris LoPorto, guitarist Mike Sanchez, guitarist Danny Rico, bassist Greg McDevitt, and, eventually, drummer Andrea Morgan have taken the music industry by storm.

“Can’t Swim was something I was just doing as a joke. I never played guitar, or sang, or anything,” Chris admits. “I started goofing around on my laptop, tried to learn some chords, and threw a couple of songs together. Long story short, I got a record deal kinda by myself, and then I called up three of my best friends and asked them to join me in a band. It was all very fast and bizarre,” he continues.

Over the past few months, Can’t Swim has been praised for the introduction of drummer Andrea Morgan, although it wasn’t their goal to gain attention due to a lineup change. During the creation of Fail You Again, Danny, the drummer at the time, got very involved in the recording process, and, on top of recording all the songs, he had a lot to do with the guitar work. As the band prepared for tour, they realized that a good portion of the album contained three guitar parts and plenty of harmonies, and they came to the conclusion that the band needed a third guitarist. “From the back of the van, Danny, half-asleep, said, ‘I wanna be that guy,’” Chris discloses, “so then we needed a new drummer.”

Soon after, Chris ran into Andrea, a familiar face and someone who he had always thought was a talented drummer. Five minutes after bringing her in and having her play with the band, Chris recalls thinking, “This is a perfect fit. She completely gets our vibe.” Thus, Andrea became the fifth and final piece to Can’t Swim.

Including a female in a “male-dominated game” wasn’t something the band thought much about, but fans who took notice have been applauding the group and looking up to Andrea. While adding a female to the group for publicity wasn’t Can’t Swim’s intention, they hope that it can ultimately have a positive effect on the scene. “If seeing Andrea performing gives someone more initiative to start a band, then that’s probably the coolest thing that Can’t Swim would ever do. I think the possibility of that is amazing,” Chris exclaims. “It’s an incredible thing to do for girls—giving them that encouragement—and, if Andrea can do that, that would be awesome,” he adds.

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