June 9, 2018

“Our first performance was at a house show called Grouse House, in someone’s backyard. It was raining before we played. The ground was muddy, and the roofs of the tarp were starting to overfill with water and getting awfully close to everything electrical. Despite this, by some miracle, it cleared just as we went on to play. Everyone chanted our name and we launched into the handful of songs we had at the time. I think we’ve been playing for almost three years now.”

Photo: David Fulham

Now it may be biased to include one of my all-time favorite bands here, but this group from Australia puts out some of the most nostalgia-inducing, lo-fi music I’ve heard in quite some time. While you can’t catch these guys touring the States anytime soon, their work is available on pretty much every music sharing outlet. Although their sound can be compared to artists like Mac DeMarco, this band still manages to stand alone.

The first song I heard by Vacations was “Home,” with lyrics like, “I’m so tired, from doing nothing at all. I wish I wasn’t so lazy, it’s no worries, I’ve got nowhere to be but home. Life moves so slow.” The soft, gentle vocals being backed by the steady, calming instrumentals quickly drew me into the rest of their discography.

The band’s lyrics are often about life changes and loneliness, and the dreamy instrumentals that carry along every track will make you feel like you’re on an actual cloud. Yes, I said it. On an actual cloud. I can’t pinpoint one song that I would change, or even one that I am less fond of than the others. And that, my friends, is a rarity.

Songs to check out: “Moving Out”, “Home”, “Days”


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