July 15, 2017

Tokyo-based quartet My First Story have been making a name for themselves in the post-hardcore J-Rock scene since 2011. Just last year, the band performed a sold-out show at the famous Nippon Budokan, a 14,000-capacity venue in their hometown. As they take Japan by storm, it’s only a matter of time before they make their debut here in the States–a day I’m impatiently waiting for. In June of 2016, they released their fourth album, ANTITHESE, and I still find myself going back and jamming to it time and time again. With intense guitar riffs and energetic drums, their music will get you moving in no time. Songs like “Smash Out!!” and “Alone” are begging to have fans moshing along to them at Warped Tour and similar environments. This is definitely a band that deserves to be heard, so check them out and spread the word.


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