March 26, 2018

“I love the energy at a house show. There are no rules. You can play as loud as you want. I find it way more comfortable, and I like everybody being as close as possible to me while we’re playing. I feed off that shit, man.”

— Girls W. Bush

Girls W. Bush is a punk band based out of Dallas, TX, comprised of Nash Winner, Daniel Atherton, and Mo Aljiser. Together, this three-piece is proving that the pop-punk scene is still alive and well. When I say these guys are making punk music, I’m talking vibes like Sham 69, Sex Pistols, etc. While Girls W. Bush can only be found playing house shows for now, they know how to bring it, so if a more classic punk sound is for you, you won’t be disappointed.

Vocalist Mo explains, “Our recording process for our demo tape has had absolutely no standards due to our lack of professional equipment. We’re basically plugging in and recording off of our phones. But it’s surprising how well it’s turning out.” With DIY vibes and lyrics like, “We’re at the pier, the tide’s high, I smoked some grass, so, so am I. The sun is setting, the skies are clear, let’s grab some grub–lets smoke some beer. I’m in love, my chocolate drop,” I imagine these guys being a go-to band to turn on in the summer, whether you’re mid-roadtrip, going to the beach, or even jamming alone.

I love discovering local bands that I really enjoy listening to, and then watching them grow as musicians. With the anticipation of new music coming out this month, I can’t wait to see what else Girls W. Bush have in store for them.

Songs to check out: “Chocolate Drop”, “I Spy”, “Taxidermy Taco”


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