May 19, 2017

Not too often do you find a band like Daddy Issues. The Nashville trio embodies girl power similar to that of the Riot Grrrl days. Although it started as a joke group in 2013, with none of the members actually knowing how to play their own instruments, the girls quickly taught themselves and started recording. Almost immediately, they gained traction, signing to Infinity Cat Recordings and amassing hundreds of thousands of plays on the song “Ugly When I Cry” on Soundcloud. Two years later, they dropped their debut EP, Can We Still Hang, and have only gotten better thus far. Two EPs and one full-length later, it’s safe to say that every song they put out is authentic, to the point, and catchy. In a scene where girls in bands seems almost taboo, Daddy Issues reminds everyone that girls can go just as hard as the boys do.


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