December 19, 2016

If you haven’t heard of the Australian three-piece, Camp Cope, you will soon. I came across their music at Fest 15, where the band’s singer, Georgia Maq, played a solo show to a filled room. It was her first time playing music in the states, and hopefully the rest of this three-piece can join her in performing here soon. This indie-rock band released their first album, Self Titled, back in April, and each of the eight songs on the release is diverse and lyrically compelling. The record touches on topics like catcalling, losing a loved one, and growing apart from those you care about, so to call it relatable would be an understatement. Maq’s voice is commanding and seamlessly goes back and forth between lower and higher registers, while the instrumentals complement her diverse, emotional voice. Check them out and fall in love–I dare you.


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