March 18, 2018

“The idea of putting things from my mind together in a song was heaven to me.”

— Noah Kittinger

Noah Kittinger, the name behind Bedroom, began producing music when he was only twelve years old. With two albums, Grow and Vivid, available on Spotify, Kittinger displays a massive amount of creativity with a dreamy, indie vibe. The combination of sounds he is able to put into each track makes Bedroom so unique. Some of his music sounds almost muted, or lo-fi, with “Nostalgic Feel” being the perfect example of that. As he sings, “If I had the chance to relive those days, I’d take it and I’d run away for good. Nostalgia is what I feel, it’s vibrant and it is very real / Sitting in an open room thinking of how much I miss you / I know the future is looking good, but I would still love to go back, if only I could / Nostalgia keeps haunting me / with all of those sweet colored memories,” you realize that Bedroom is something to put on when you want comfort, something to relate to, and something to confide in.

Songs to check out: “Nostalgic Feel”, “Hide”, “Hurry, Get Up”


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