August 23, 2016

Fast forward to present day, and Crown The Empire has come such a long way since their first release. “I can’t even begin to describe the growth all of us have had in all areas of music since the beginning. It’s almost scary how little we knew, but how we pretended to know it all,” Andy expresses. “I think the biggest sign of growth is accepting how little we know while also striving to learn more and more every day.” The further down their paths they go, the more and more they learn along way, and this growth and evolution truly manifests itself in how the guys have learned to tackle any difficulties that come their way.

Recently, they faced a huge obstacle in their careers: the departure of guitarist Bennett Vogelman. It is not uncommon for the paths of individual members to diverge from the path of the band as a whole, and this situation is no exception.

This lineup change happened around the time the band began working on their third studio album, Retrograde. Often, when a band loses a core member for whatever reason, a search begins to fill the missing piece of the puzzle. However, instead of finding a new sixth member to continue with them, Crown The Empire decided to carry on as a five-piece instead. This ultimately lead to what Andy professes to be one of the biggest obstacles they have faced thus far: the reformation of the band’s roles and goals upon the completion of Retrograde.

Initially, it took quite some time for the band to become a seamlessly united front, as indicated by the struggles they had during their first tour. The decision to not look for a sixth member was based on the band’s desire “to keep it all in the family. If it took us this long to feel united, we didn’t see the motive behind bringing someone else in,” Andy declares. He also reveals that “there was a huge dynamic change [within the band], because this was the first time a long-standing member of the band had left. I think everyone wanted to improve the band for the better, but we all had to figure out what our roles were all over again.”

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WORDS: LEAH DICKERMAN // @thepictureofleah

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