January 31, 2017

On May 29th 2007, following the success of Juturna, Equal Vision Records released one of the most influential experimental/post-hardcore albums was released – Circa Survive’s On Letting Go. On top of becoming a household name within their genre, this full-length quickly became the record that helped Circa Survive establish who they are as musicians. To celebrate its ten-year anniversary, Equal Vision Records announced a ten-year deluxe edition of On Letting Go that includes bonus tracks and demos. The band also announced the On Letting Go tour where they would play the album in its entirety, with support from mewithoutYou and Turnover.

The night of the St. Petersburg, FL, show began with some soft and soothing music from Turnover–one of my favorite bands. They started off with the popular “Cutting Your Fingers Off,” followed by more fan favorites from Peripheral Vision as well as “Humblest Pleasures” from their most recent EP. The band ended with the incredibly lovely “Dizzy on the Comedown,” and while their set was short, it was nothing short of amazing.

If you’ve ever seen mewithoutYou, you know how energetic and amazing these guys are live. Not only is their sound raw and powerful, but they know exactly what to do when it comes to performance and movement. They feel their music and interact with the crowd in such a way that it leaves you speechless. mewithoutYou played a little bit of everything, ranging from newer tunes out of Pale Horses to some older ones from [A→B] Life and Catch For Us The Foxes.

As I waited for Circa Survive to start, I noticed a girl crying while talking about how excited she was to hear her favorite album. She proceeded to show me the tattoo on her arm dedicated to On Letting Go before telling me about how this was the album that saved her years ago when she struggled with self-harm. She never thought she would hear it be played in full, let alone from the front row. It’s amazing how powerful, emotional, and nostalgic music can be for people. This moment resonated with me heavily because listening to your favorite album on repeat every day will never compare to seeing it performed right before your eyes.

The lights dimmed and the crowd went wild as the opening riff for “Living Together” began to play and confetti shot from every direction. Right in time with the chorus, Anthony got in the crowd to sing and hold hands with some of his fans. Throughout the night, Circa Survive played the newly released B-sides on top of the rest of On Letting Go. All the while, the production was absolutely breathtaking, and Circa Survive’s performance was unlike any other I have seen by them before. If this tour is stopping at a city near you, do not hesitate to buy tickets… Unless you’re not prepared to be blown away.


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