October 26, 2015

For some bands, finding a reason to continue after years of playing together and going through hard times is a tough task. But for Lydia, it’s as simple as loving to write music.

Lydia is comprised of lead vocalist and founder Leighton Antelman, keyboardist Matt Keller, and guitarist Justin Camacho. The threesome has been touring their new album, Run Wild, all over the country since September. Although Lydia has been through several member changes since the band’s inception in 2003, with Antelman being the sole constant, they feel as though their sound is now more focused than ever.

“If you compare Run Wild to our past records, it’s more focused than anything that we’ve ever done,” Keller said. “It’s darker, moodier pop music played by a rock band.”


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PHOTOS: JASON COX // @jasoncoxphoto
WORDS: EDDIE CHISHAM // @eddiechisham

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