April 8, 2018

On a seemingly serene Saturday evening in Los Angeles, Knuckle Puck and Boston Manor created a riot at the Regent Theater.

Boston Manor kicked off the night with their set. Hailing from Lancashire, England, the five-piece pop punk band’s popularity is exploding, and you can expect that same energy from their live shows. They warmed up the crowd with a setlist that began with “Burn You Up,” the first song off of their debut record, Be Nothing. I must admit, though, that the highlight of their forty-minute set consisted of the energy that both the band and the crowd poured into the music. And, of course, when lead singer Henry Cox jumped on top of the crowd.

As a foreshadowing of what was to come, security had their hands full catching crowd surfers, and circle pits had already begun to form within the first minute of Boston Manor’s performance. Once Knuckle Puck took the stage, the energy in the room peaked. Playing songs off both of their full-length albums, Copacetic and Shapeshifter, as well as a couple of tracks from past EPs, there was something for fans both new and old. The band highlighted their range by playing heavy punk-pop tracks that sparked a mosh pit, creating a contrast to more mellow songs such as “Untitled” and “Plastic Brains.”

There’s something inherently magical about hearing a crowd scream back the lyrics to a band on stage, especially when the lyrics are close to the heart. That’s how I felt all throughout both bands’ performances. The mutual respect and adoration between the audience and the bands was a rare yet amazing thing to witness, only made better by the stunning performances they put on.




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