January 18, 2018

Bishop Briggs has been on the rise for the past year, and for good reason. With a unique sound, charming personality, and stage presence like no other, it’s no surprise. No matter how many songs she is set to perform, Bishop Briggs never fails to run and jump and dance around for the duration of the whole set. On the second of two nights in New York City, she started the show off with “Dark Side” and “Wild Horses,” and the crowd reciprocated her energy almost instantaneously. On the floor, everyone was dancing, as those on the balcony cheered and sang along. This continued throughout the night, seemingly nonstop, as she performed “The Way I Do”, “Hi-Lo,” “Mercy,” and “River,” amongst others. By the time her set ended, it was so easy to picture Bishop Briggs, in less than a year’s time, headlining the same stage at Brooklyn Steel and beyond.



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