August 24, 2016

Once a band starts gaining momentum beyond their hometown, there is almost an expectation of sorts about what they’re going to do with the platform they have. Ultimately, being in a band involves the task of figuring out what messages to put out into the world while also establishing a unique sound that can connect with listeners. For Beartooth, they strive to be honest with their audiences while also motivating them, because the band understands that life can be tough.

Through their latest record, Aggressive, Caleb, Taylor, Oshie and Kamron continue to encourage old and new fans to never be concerned about what other people think. “That was the thing we kind of made ourselves out to be from the start. This is what we are and this is what we’re going to stick to,” Taylor details when asked if the guys’ mindsets have changed due to their involvement in the business. “If you don’t like it, you don’t have to like us or anything like that. We have always stayed true to that. It’s only been four years at this point, but it’s not crazy. Let’s see if I can still answer that question six years from now,” he laughs.

In order to maintain this frame of mind while also staying motivated to achieve their goals, the guys keep their humbleness in check. “We’re very, very good at keeping each other accountable and making sure none of us have a big head about things or anything like that,” Taylor admits. “But we also don’t really care about the stuff that doesn’t matter. To us, the things that matter are putting out a record and playing as many shows as we can. We’ll do anything that we have to do, but if it doesn’t matter or if it’s not something that is necessary to making music or performing, we try to steer away from it. We try not to get involved in the ridiculous politics of music. For us, whether it’s with bands that fit with our music or not, we just want to play shows with the bands that we like and that we’re friends with. That’s our biggest motivator—that and just each other,” he concludes.


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