March 7, 2015

On February 3rd, Anakin released Celestial Frequency Shifter via No Sleep. For them, choosing “Satellite” as the first single was an easy decision, although they considered another track. “We pretty much had it in our minds that ‘Satellite’ would be what we chose to premiere, but we seriously thought about going with ‘Clairvoyance’ as well,” Brad says. “In the end, we decided that ‘Satellite’ was the best option for introducing Anakin to new listeners. It has a pretty mellow vibe and I think it sits well as a winter tune, whereas ‘Clairvoyance’ is more upbeat and would probably be better received in the summertime,” he adds.

From the track titles to the album artwork to the song lyrics and anywhere in between, there is a recurring theme of space—something that has fascinated Brad for as long as he can remember. “I think it probably all started when I was four years old. My dad told me he had a UFO encounter. He still swears to this day that he was nearly abducted. Ever since then, I have been obsessed with UFO conspiracy theories and ultimately the vast unknown that comes with outer space,” he discloses. The band’s lead vocalist also shares this passion. “When I met Jon and uncovered that he was as much a nerd about it as I was, I realized we were a match made in Heaven,” Brad continues.

Even with Celestial Frequency Shifter getting outstanding reviews, the members of Anakin have had their fair share of obstacles, personally and within the music industry. “Outside of the band, we all have our own careers and lives. For me, personally, I think the main obstacle early on was not being able to have a voice in whatever band I was in at the time,” Brad expresses.

“More likely than not, it’s abnormal when the drummer writes the music. It seemed like I always butted heads with musicians in the past due to that. Hence why I created Anakin. Within the music industry, I think the idea that you have to tour until you were broke in order to advance your musical career really set me back a bit. I made some terrible choices in that mindset,” he adds.

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