June 24, 2016



COVERAGE: JAKE LAHAH // @slickjaketheruler

With all the issues D.C. is having with the metro running, going into the city becomes a bit difficult–especially on a Friday night. No one wants to wait in traffic for over an hour just to get downtown. Still, heading into D.C. in the dreadful Friday night traffic was definitely worth it, as Alunageorge may have been one of the best shows I’ve seen in a while due to her ability to perform collaborative songs as a solo artist.

Backlit from eleven vertical LED strips of light that flashed different colors, Alunageorge took her show at the 9:30 Club to the next level. Coming out strutting her large shiny white reflective jacket, she owned the stage in a new age form of hip-hop fashion. Opening up with one of her more popular songs from her debut album Body Music, she began the set with “Attracting Flies.”

Throughout the set, I was really shocked at how responsive the crowd was to her music. They were singing along and keeping the energy alive throughout the entire set. While I wasn’t expecting things to get a bit rough considering her music is a bit more on the pop-ish side, things got a bit wilder when she performed some of the singles that she is featured in. The second song into the set, “Automatic,” is a track she worked on with EDM group Zhu. Later, she performed “One Touch,” which was a cover of a popular Baauer song. On top of that, she performed “White Noise,” which is a Disclosure cover she is featured in, and this was probably my favorite song of the night.

Ultimately, her rendition of “To Ü,” a Jack Ü cover, was the climax of the performance. She began the song with her own version of the tune that slowly built up into the original as her band played the tracks to it. Fans really took a liking to this cover and really got crazy showing their love for the collaborative work that Alunageorge has created with Jack Ü.

Alunageorge ended her set list with her most popular song, “You Know You Like It,” with bits and pieces of the DJ Snake remix included in it as an encore. She ended out the night playing a fifteen-song set and successfully impressing 9:30 club attendees.

Was it worth sitting in traffic for this? Absolutely! Alunageorge proved to fans that she can take a collaborative song that she created with other artists and make it something unique and her own without having to directly play the song in the background. I’ve never seen an artist pull off that as well as she did, making it one of the better Friday night shows that I’ve been to thus far.

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