November 14, 2016

The Pretty Reckless, a band from New York City signed with Razor and Tie, released their third studio album, Who You Selling For, in mid-October. Intrigued and wanting to dive deeper into the world of rock’n’roll via this female-fronted band, I decided to finally take a listen. The Pretty Reckless, consisting of Taylor Momsen, Jamie Perkins, Ben Phillips, and Mark Damon, took me on an incredible ride with each song, and, after this, the group can certainly check me off as a new fan.

prettyrecklessLess than a minute into the record, I already felt chills creeping up my arms and down my spine. Momsen’s vocals start out solo in “The Walls are Closing In/Hangman” before a piano accompaniment, and, together, those two aspects showed off an immense amount of passion and soul. As a new listener, her vocals drew me in from this song alone. The track then picks up the beat with the addition of guitars and percussion, and, overall, it proves to be a powerful start to this rock album. Another favorite of mine is one of the singles, “Take Me Down,” which proved to me why it hit #1 on the rock charts this past August.

Who You Selling For isn’t strictly hard rock with guitar riffs and solos, however. The four-piece shows diversity as they slow it down with “Bedroom Window” and “Who You Selling For,” and the softer singing on these songs contrast with the rest of the album to emphasize Momsen’s impressive dynamic range. Her tones are beautiful, and she is certainly capable of hitting notes across the board. Halfway through the album, “Back to the River” is another track that shows off her vocal talents while also giving listeners some incredible instrumentals from the rest of the band.

If you are into funky, unique, and powerful rock’n’roll with a bluesy vibe and heartfelt emotion, then Who You Selling For is an album I highly recommend checking out. Seriously, just do it.



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