May 17, 2017

Three years after their last release, Tigers Jaw have created a twelve-song record that will leave you with simultaneous feelings of loneliness and comforting peace. Maintaining an easy, calm sound throughout each track, their fifth studio album, spin, is perfect for when your head is full, your heart is broken, and all you have are headphones and a quiet room.

The opener, “Follows,” sets a steady tone for the LP. With emotionally driven lyrics and gentle vocals, this song captures the intent of rest of the album perfectly. Although each sequential song brings different contributions and setbacks, there is a consistent combination of sounds that is summarized in this intro.

Soon enough, it becomes clear that the lyrics for this album are seemingly fueled by heartbreak, despair, and betrayal. Although these themes are found in past music Tigers Jaw has released, this album in particular maintains a more mellow rock vibe, straying from some of the pop punk sounds they are known for.

Brianna Collins takes the lead on the vocals in the following song, “Favorite.” Although this one is more fast-paced, Collins’ voice maintains a melancholy sound that is somewhat repetitive and can be found multiple times within spin. While she does bring a crucial perspective to many of the tracks–as her voice is gentle and brings in a soft factor that is easy to listen to–I had a hard time distinguishing some of her songs from one another. In the future, I look forward to hearing her shake things up a little bit, perhaps with the accompaniment of a wider array of instruments.

A favorite from the album was “Escape Plan,” one of the LP’s singles. An incredibly catchy song, it made me want to start it over from the beginning as soon as it ended. The harmonization found at the beginning comes together perfectly with the heartbroken lyrics, while the guitar balances out the soft words by giving the tune a stronger edge. Ultimately, the chorus ensures that listeners will find themselves singing along after just a couple of plays.

While the following number, “Blurry Vision,” was good from the start, it didn’t contribute anything new to the table that particularly stood out… Until its last thirty seconds or so. At its coda, the standalone instrumental is quiet, almost haunting, and it leaves you with a sense of nostalgia. The little bits of noise scattered throughout spin, such as the lone bass at the end of this song, are what ultimately succeed in making the record unique.

Overall, spin is an album that holds a persistent sound throughout, and the expectations as far as delivery goes were exceptionally met. This release is a friend to the heartbroken, and, due to its potential to help many people, credit must be given to Tigers Jaw for putting together a great sound paired with emotional lyrics that anyone can relate to and find peace in.


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