June 1, 2018

As veterans of the indie rock scene, We Are Scientists present fans with Megaplex, their fifth studio release. The term “megaplex” is defined as a large multiplex typically housing sixteen or more movie theaters. While this record’s tracklist doesn’t quite match that number, the analogy still applies to the ten songs, as each song offers something different to listeners.

Starting off the album, “One In, One Out” gives off an upbeat, synth-filled song that correlates to a subject everyone can relate to – falling in love. It’s a great first track as it hypes up listener’s expectations for the songs to follow.

Both “Notes in a Bottle” and “Not Wait At Five Leaves” contain choruses that show off the band’s vocal range. At the same time, it seems as though the melody is contained within one octave, which works to balance out the strong vocal tone.

These are followed by the more rock-infused songs, “Your Light Has Changed” and “Not Another World,” where guitar riffs and solos are the highlights. This contrast provides a nice change of pace, allowing listeners to bop along to the music. The closing number, “Properties of Perception,” showcases harmonies that help to end the record on a mellow note.

Ultimately, these ten tracks show Keith Murray and Chris Cain’s control over their sound. With each song varying in tempo and focusing on different instruments, Megaplex stands out from albums that seem to blend together into one thirty-minute long track.


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