May 2, 2017

After the excitement from their surprise live album, Jocelyn and Chris Arndt have been looking forward to releasing their latest album, Go. As their past music includes lyrics and mindsets that the duo had developed back from their middle and high school days, this album showcases their growth, both in music and in life, through new experiences and perspectives.

The opening track, “Footprints on the Moon,” sets an edgy tone for the album. Featuring Gov’t Mule’s Danny Louis, the song combines blues with rock and could give anyone a confidence boost with one listen.

“Ready Steady Go” is my favorite off of Go, not because the album title is included in it, but because the song reminds me of 90s classic rock. The deep guitar riffs, drums, and Jocelyn’s vocals give off a “don’t test my patience” attitude.

Taking on a different vibe, “Shine” has a slower tempo and involves fewer instruments than the aforementioned rock-heavy songs. The choice to have “Shine” accompanied by just piano and guitar takes into account the simple, yet emotional lyrics of wanting to make someone you love happy.

Pushing the sad, breakup stories to the side, “History” brings to light the anger that people feel when a relationship ends. Focusing on the lyrics, “out of sight, out of mind, you should know when you’re out of time,” this song proves that sometimes moving on can be easy if the end was already in sight for both parties.

Bringing the album back full circle, “Devil May Care” has a blues vibe, similar to that of “Footprints on the Moon.” Involving more piano, brass instruments, and guitar, the tune will definitely be stuck in your head after the song is over.

There’s a lot of variety in Go in terms of the instruments used and how they’re played. Because the instrumentals are different throughout the album, there’s never a sonically dull moment, and, instead, there’s something new to catch when listening to the album beyond that first time. Combined with the vocals, every song stands on its own as a story that listeners can relate to. Overall, Go displays the energy and confidence Jocelyn and Chris have, and, with this release, I think they’re also sending a confident message – to go forward with what you want and believe in without looking back.


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