May 31, 2017

The very first time I heard The Band Camino, I was convinced I was listening to the American version of The 1975. Not only does this band make you want to move your body, but their upbeat tunes and love story lyrics will make you feel like a giddy teenager with a first crush all over again. Coming from their first record, My Thoughts on You, Jeffery Jordan, Graham Rowell, Andrew Isbell, and Spencer Stewart had nowhere to go but up. Together, the guys have created HEAVEN, a five-song EP that you don’t want to miss out on.

The EP’s opener, “California,” already makes me envision these songs being played in a foggy venue packed with fans. Although Jordan’s voice is gentle, he effortlessly carries out each number in a dreamy way. His fragile tones, found even in upbeat tracks, have a way of clouding your head with feelings otherwise nonexistent. As the songs go on and the paces change, his voice keeps up this quality while drummer Andrew Isbell pleasantly backs him on the drums. When striving for an easygoing pop sound, it’s common for drums to either be too overbearing or completely lost, but Isbell was right on the mark throughout this whole EP, carrying the tunes along with ease.

Next on the record is “Who Says We’re Through,” which displays the talent of bassist Graham Rowell as he provides the band’s synth pop sound. Right off the bat, Rowell can be heard through the rest of the music. I constantly found myself listening for more of him in each song, and was pleased with how consistently on the mark he supports and carries along each song. Furthermore, the falsetto chorus and the simple snapping in the background (which will be major fun at live shows) separate this song from the other four.

“My Thoughts On You” is the EP’s second single, and it allows listeners to appreciate keyboardist Spencer Stewart. Stewart provides an important role, creating a sound that fans can slow down and relax to–something that was missing from the EP until this song. The love-fueled lyrics, such as, “I know this, I fell for your eyes. I just realized, I still need you,” atop the decrescendo provide the heartbreak that listeners yearn for from a good pop record. This song serves as a reminder that everyone feels alone, even if it doesn’t seem that way.

“Heaven” concludes the EP, and, from the get-go, this track is a burst of energy. The vocals are honest and raw and completely draw you in, which is a consistency in The Band Camino’s music. With a steady drum beat and heavy guitar, this song is a triumph that listeners everywhere will be singing along to at the top of their lungs, whether in the car with the windows down or alone in their room as they dance along.

The Band Camino’s release of HEAVEN came just in time for summer, and it’s exactly what fans were waiting for. This five-track record is gold thanks to outstandingly creative instrumentals and talent, and, ultimately, this EP will give the group a name and a sound that completely stand out in the best possible way.


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