May 20, 2016

Against The Current’s debut album, In Our Bones, is the first release for the three-piece since signing with Fueled by Ramen early last year. The band, who has been consistently on the road, took last summer off to put together the twelve songs that comprise In Our Bones. This record perfectly captures their past, portrays their present, and represents what the future holds for them.

Those who have followed the band for a while now will probably recognize the track “Brighter” from their Gravity EP. This time around, the song is reworked, and this upgrade takes it to a whole new level. Incorporating soft touches, such as a string section instead of a piano, adds something new and refreshing to the song. The newly polished sound will delight fans both new and old.

The title track, “In Our Bones,” is perhaps one of the most stripped down songs the band has ever released. The song speaks about all the opportunities that are in front of them. As frontwoman Chrissy Costanza elegantly sings, “We are wildflowers / the city is our field of gold / we’ve got wild fire in our bones,” listeners know that the band is far from over. Far from it, the trio is just beginning to explore what Against The Current can do.

ATCOn a different note, the nostalgia-packed “Roses” speaks about the good times with someone who has passed away. It opens up about the heartache that comes with death and how, although time will heal the wounds, it’s okay to say, “I miss it all.” It’s heartbreakingly honest and one of the few songs with a somber tone on the album. With this song, Against The Current proves that not all sad songs need to be ballads–on the contrary, “Roses” has an upbeat rhythm and a chorus that practically begs you to sing along.

One of the more recently released singles off of In Our Bones is “Runaway.” This song is my personal favorite off the album; it is effortlessly catchy and demands to be added to every playlist I have ever created. It holds true to their pop-rock ways but definitely leans more towards the pop side. That being said, I don’t think there’s a single fan who would say they dislike this song. “Runaway” is different from anything I have heard the band do, but it is a direction I hope they continue on with.

Ultimately, the band sums up how the world is going to react to their debut effort in the trackForget Me Now.” This is a great first record for a hardworking band and, after hearing In Our Bones, there is no way you’re going to forget Against The Current.



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