May 11, 2016

3OH!3 makes their way back to the music scene with their new album, Night Sports. For many people, the name 3OH!3 brings back many high school memories. Although nothing seems to beat their classic hits such as “Starstrukk” and “Don’t Trust Me,” the duo hasn’t been afraid to experiment and change up their sound. Two years have passed since their last full album, Omens, and with Night Sports, frontmen Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte bring their style to a new level.

Opening up with “Fire in the Heavens,” 3OH!3 incorporates their band name into the beginning of the song through a chanting loop. Repeating the band name gets listeners pumped up about this album. A deep, catchy, electronic tune plays in the background as the verses are sung. Midway through the song, I was impressed with the rap that comes in after the chorus. As it describes how 3OH!3 will never be defeated, the pace of the rap quickens over time—making the song powerful.

3oh3Usually, the tempo of a song remains relatively the same throughout. For “Hear Me Now,” the tempo switches from a slow, electronic hum for the versaes to a quick guitar riff accompanied by claps for the chorus. I’m not quite sure if this mix of instruments fits together well. It could be said that the instrumentals were more dynamic than the lyrics, which seemed to have no underlying meaning to them.

Like “Hear Me Now,” “Mad At You” has verses that are instrumentally different from the chorus. With the pre-chorus helping to build up energy, the transition between the verse and the chorus is smoother. Cheerful and poppy, this song has a tuneful melody and playful lyrics that people can dance and sing along to.

In a change of pace, “Freak Your Mind” has engaging instrumental accompaniments that create a mellow sound and rhythm. Again, the lyrics are repetitive, but the melodies pair well with the song’s laid-back sound.

3OH!3’s distinct voices and high pitch range are highlighted in “Give Me Something To Remember,” “Hologram,” and “Claustrophobia.” These songs lean more on the ballad side with an electronic twist, and the lyrics are more interpretive and thought-provoking. For “Claustrophobia,” especially, the multiple harmonies add appeal and edginess to the song.

“BASMF” would be to 2016 as “Starstrukk” was to 2008 (sans Katy Perry). The chanting chorus is something that a group of friends could confidently yell to while banging their heads in agreement.

If you’re looking to play some background music at a giant house party, Night Sports is the album to pick. Compared to past hits, this album involves more modern electronic beats and less alternative rock, making it more suitable for larger social settings. As the music industry has evolved, so has 3OH!3’s motive to change up their instrumental range. With their distinct voices, 3OH!3’s sound may not exactly match up with the powerful electronic accompaniments for this album. However, there’s no hiding the fact that 3OH!3 continues to produce fun, flamboyant music for listeners to jam out to.



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