December 24, 2016

Too Close to Touch recently announced their co-headlining tour with Waterparks, Creeper, and Chapel which will be one for the books. I was lucky enough to hang out with them in Chicago on their last tour with Blessthefall and Crown the Empire which was arguably one of the best shows I’ve attended.

I arrived to meet up with them around 3:15pm. They had just arrived and were in the process of loading in, but there was already a line outside the venue. While they were loading, Kenneth (drums) began to tell me about how they were almost broken into a few days before in St. Louis. Apparently, him and Keaton I believe, were sleeping inside the van after the show when someone tried to break the lock on the door. The person didn’t see that Kenneth and Keaton were inside, but once Kenneth realized what was happening, he yelled at the person and scared them off. Luckily, the guys were in there or else the person might have been able to take the van and trailer.

Once they finished loading in, I met up with my friend Rex who was on tour with Crown the Empire. We somehow decided to go to the rooftop of the venue with Keaton and Travis, who I later learned is afraid of heights. The view was quite beautiful.

Once we came back down, I hung out a bit with Kenneth and a few of the members of New Years Day. They had some anger in them so they decided to beat up some drum heads that Kenneth was going to draw on for the fans. 

It was finally their time to play, so they started getting their gear and themselves ready which meant stretching, vocal warm-ups, and making sure their gear was all good to go and sounding good.

After their set, they began to load everything back into their van while a few helped NYD load onto their stage. They didn’t have a chance to eat since catering came sometime before their set, so they sat down to eat once they finished putting all their gear out of the way. Once NYD finished playing, a few of their members came into the green room to hang out and relax.  When the show began to come to an end, the guys prepared themselves to go out and meet the fans. They stayed until the very end, until security cleared out the venue, and met every person. It was really cool to see them connect with fans, recognize them, and make them feel like they had known each other for ages. TCTT’s team was truly a pleasure to be around with, and it was so nice to see them again since last I saw them was during Warped Tour. Make sure you pick up their album Haven’t Been Myself, which is truly one of the best albums of the year.



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